Making Stand-Alone Games / No RTP for RPG Maker XP (2K/3 is below the XP one)
Tutorial by Rydain
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This is a tutorial for those wanting to make their games/projects playable by others without the use of RPG Maker XP (and it's RTP). This will teach you to make your project stand-alone.

Disabling 'Standard' RTP
First of all, I'll have to say that RPG Maker XP does NOT add the RTP graphics/audios to your game when you compile a game disk. Probly about 50% of the developers don't have RPG Maker XP or it's RTP, so it's best to include the RTP within the game itself. To do this, you'll need to locate the RTP within your computer. Where at, you ask? Well this varies depending on which version of RMXP you have.

Postality Knight's ENHANCED Version
My Computer / Main Disk (C:) / Games / RPG Maker XP [..] / Graphics (Audio)

Legal Liscensed Version
My Computer / Main Disk (C:) / Program Files / Enterbrain / RGSS / Standard / Graphics (Audio)

Now that we've found the RTP files, copy/paste the 'Graphics' and 'Audio' folders in to your game's project folder (to find this open your project and go to Game > Open Game Folder). Now before you rush and do this, I have to warn you that the RTP is a whoppin' 29.1 MB! For any game, that's huge! This is why it's important to keep track of what RTP files you use, and copy/paste those files ONLY. This will not only save your disk space, but people are more inclined to download smaller files.

Now that the RTP is nestled safe within your game, you'll need to disable RMXP from requiring the actual RTP folder. To do this, just open your project and go to Game > RTP Selection and change 'Standard' to (None). Your game is now RTP free!

Including the RGSS DLL Files
Last but not least, in order to make your game playable without RMXP, you'll need to include the RGSS files within your project. You see, silly Enterbrain left out the files and made us crafty RM'ers do the dirty work of copy/pasting the files. Not to worry though, it's quite simple.

You'll need 2 files:
Attached File
Attached File ( 643.45K ) Number of downloads: 216

Attached File
Attached File ( 635.78K ) Number of downloads: 179

Just downloaded them, remember to unzip them, and copy/paste them in to your game's directory folder. Easy as pie!

From woratana (Apr 12 2008)
If the download of the RGSS200E.dll isn't working then alternatively use this link:

Compiling a Game Disk
This is the easiest step of them all. Once you're done with your demo, game, project, or whatever then double check your game to make sure you're not missing any files.

Go to File > Create Game Disk.

Here you'll be given an option to 'Encrypt Game Data', what this will do is seal up your game's graphics and game data to prevent others from accessing your game. This is completely optional. Once you've chosen the output directory of your game disk, click ok and RMXP will automatically seal up your game and there you have it! Your stand-alone game is complete and ready for zipping and uploading. Now your friends (who don't have RMXP) can play your game in peace.

Distributing your RMXP Game For $$$
I know it sounds crazy, but you can in fact distribute your RMXP game for moolah. Now before you all get excited and start drooling all over yourself, remember that this isn't exactly the easiest of all things to accomplish. Your game will have to be created professionally in order for people to even consider purchasing your game. Not to mention you won't be able to use any of Enterbrain's RTP (as it goes against the terms) or any other author's resources without their permission. Creating ALL original resources isn't exactly the easiest of all tasks to accomplish.

Anyways, good luck with your path to becoming a millionaire (or not) and distributing your game!

Making Stand-Alone RPG Maker 2K/3 games without the RTP.
This Tutorial is not by Rydain.
*Make sure that you have EVERY file in your project that you need. If you used some RTP, include those in your game folder as well. Don't include all of it if you didn't use it all.

*You DON'T need to make a game disk to have it playable by others. You can zip up your projects folder, just include the RPG_RT.exe file. It's the simplest method for everyone.

*Find the RPG_RT.ini, open it with Notepad. Add this line on the bottom:

and that's it. As long as all the files are there (Remember the vehicle and System2 ones as well!), then others should be able to play it even without having RPG Maker.

Edit: Added files back, thanks RockmanNeo ~ Architect